How to Prepare for the Upcoming Season

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Today on big dreams we are talking about how to prepare your child for the upcoming season! When it comes to preparing your kids for the upcoming season of sports, how parents play a major role, and how creating a routine can bring value and balance to your young athlete. So, grab your coffee and your headphones and check me out on Big Dreams Sports Tv.

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Are You Interested In Playing Sports?

Join your host, Andrew Layton.

Andrew Layton loved playing football and devoted his life to playing until he took a wrong turn because of finances. Now he wants to help student-athletes to make to take the higher road.

Andrew is a personal trainer, former professional athlete, and currently the Head Football Coach at Canterbury High School in Ft. Myers.

Andrew is determined to help at-risk kids just as he was at one time, now he encourages athletes to stay on a better path, and avoid the cycle of despair that he fell into. He saw the affects on the lives of other young men and women who grew up in similar communities, including his late mom.

Andrew was a star football player at Estero High School and he entered Georgia Military College. His mom died during his first year in 2000. He later attended Appalachian State University in North Carolina. Although a pulled hamstring barred him from the NFL draft, he started a professional football career in the Arena Football League, playing for the Greensboro Prowlers.

Andrew was recruited by the first-string Dallas Desperados and elated to be making money doing what he loved. Now he shares his story and insider tips and advice to all of you athletes who want to Dream Big on his Big Dreams Podcast! Join Andrew Layton weekly.

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Big Dreams Podcast
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