Intentional Ignorance

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Where we invest and where we spend our money can and does make a difference.

This past weekend I had an opportunity to spend a couple of days at an event for conservatives. As a sponsor of this event, I had a booth with brochures, etc., available for the attendees that discussed Biblically Responsible Investing. Approximately half of those attending the event showed some interest in the topic. Many were intrigued that their investments may be supporting and profiting from activities that are contrary to their faith. The remaining attendees were quick to brush off the conservation with comment that had nothing to do with being a good steward. Many people related were happy with their current investments. Others stated they had a good advisor. These responses were focused on making money, not being an obedient steward. I have seen this attitude anytime we are in a bull market. People have tunnel vision on their statements, not on how the profits were being generated or who the company supports. These issues are alarming and should rattle all of us. Is it ok to invest in a company that uses fetal tissue in their product development as long as the investor is making money? Are could lay out a series of similar questions. The fact is, the steward either cares or doesn’t care. I find it hypocritical that a person cheers for the prolife political agenda, yet holds a myriad of investments that financially support planned parenthood. Can you see the irony? Where we invest and where we spend our money can and does make a difference. I heard people at the event stating they will not use Amazon because Amazon hurts the small business, yet they hold a mutual funds that owns Amazon. It is willful ignorance. If you want to know what you own, I would be happy to screen your current portfolio for you. Book a consultation by calling 888-226-7614.


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