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Big Dreams Podcast interviews Deandre Simmons this week!Interview with  DEANDRE SIMMONS & Andrew Layton

We’ve got an interview with Deandre Simmons,

About Deandre Simmons:

I’m originally from the area from Riverdale high school back in 2008, played football, ran track, wrestled the whole nine. So, while I played sports, we had the quandaries and a lot of the times it was going door to door. A lot of times it was selling candy, car washes and people would ignore me. But, you know, we do different things to generate abroad program.

This is where stab raise comes in, we’re a social donation platform, so we work with every sport, every club you can think of. We’re in all 50 States. We’ve generated well over $400 million, since 2014. So, I mean, it just, that’s powerful in itself. I mean, just being around for less than 10 years and being able to generate that kind of money to programs all across the country is pretty amazing.

You signed up to coach and signed up to motivate kids at the end of the day. Unfortunately, we all have to do it because things cost money, travel uniforms, and more!

Topics In This Show:

  1. Gathering your biggest fans, the corner people that love and believe in what you’re doing.
  2. Give them a safe, efficient way for them to pull out the debit card or credit card, donate whatever amount that they’re able to donate or course, which they get a tax write off for it.
  3. They know that that money is going straight to the program. You know, there’s a lot of families out there that don’t know where your dollar is going.
  4. We are completely transparent, where you’re going to be able to track every dollar.
  5. You can leave personal messages for the kids, things of that nature. So that’s kind of everything in a nutshell about how snap works.
  6. It should only take 30 minutes for launch then. And that’s, and that’s the hardest part honestly because 95% of the work is already done right.

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