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I have been teaching Biblical Stewardship since 2008.It’s up to You!

I have been teaching Biblical Stewardship since 2008. I have acquired various certifications in the discipline such as Certified Stewardship Instructor and Certified Kingdom Advisor. I have spread the stewardship message across many radio stations, podcasts, newspaper articles and blogs during the last 13 years. My observation during that time frame is that most Christians don’t really want to follow scripture regarding financial stewardship. It really comes down to Secular vs Non-Secular. Bible vs worldview. Scripture teaches us to avoid debt, the world says debt is ok. Scripture teaches us to avoid those things that are unclean. The world says as long as your making money, it’s ok. The world says it’s ok to be materialistic and marketing across all avenues pushes that. Scripture tells us coveting and being materialistic is sinful. The world is winning in this race of obedience vs sin. I’ve had Christians tell me that as long as they are making a profit, that’s good stewardship. My friends, that is absurd. Believers can make a huge impact on what God has called us to do, but we must turn form the world’s ways. The devil doesn’t entice with rotten apples.

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