Reaching Contentment

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contentment in retirementWhat is your idea of a perfect retirement? Over the last 25 years as a financial planner, I have heard many similar answers to that question. Many men say they want to play golf every day. People want to travel and buy homes near the beach. Often, the answers revolve around buying things or spending all their time focused on leisure. My friends, I have yet to witness any of the retirees finding happiness with 100% leisure and attempting to buy happiness. In fact, when a retired person focuses on those things, I see divorces happen, I see nervous breakdowns, I see depression, and simply people being unhappy. On the opposite end of the spectrum, when retirees have a Kingdom focus during their elder years and devote their time, talent, and treasures to serving the Kingdom, I am witness to believers who are content. Contentment is a state of peaceful happiness. You cannot buy contentment, but you can surely earn it. It is difficult for people nearing retirement age as the advisors world is focused on marketing to those things that look good. Pull up any advisors website that works with retirees and you will see people on the golf course, on a sailboat, walking the beach, etc.. What you don’t see from the marketing world are those truly content retirees who are donating their time at the local thrift shop, foodbank, or children’s services. The world view of retirement happiness is a short-lived venture. I encourage you to approach retirement with a Kingdom focus, where contentment can be found.

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