Negotiating a Flex Work Schedule

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Negotiating a Flex Work ScheduleEpisode 37–Negotiating a Flex Work Schedule

Negotiating a flex work schedule is something that more women and their families must do in light of everything that’s been going on with our recent pandemic.

Special guest Priscilla Wilkinson, Vice President of HR and Operations at SitusAMC, talks about exactly what it means to have a flexible work schedule. She describes some different types of flexible work schedule situations (ex. working remotely, telecommuting, part time work, customized work schedules, etc.).

Mrs. Wilkinson shares about what kinds of things does an employee need to take into consideration when trying to determine if a flex schedule will work for them.  She also talks about the advantages of a flexible work schedule for employees.



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Negotiating a Flex Work Schedule

More About Priscilla Wilkinson

Priscilla Wilkinson is the Vice President of HR and Operations at SitusAMC, a financial services company. She has over 30 years of corporate experience, primarily in roles dealing with employee relations, training and strategic planning.

Mrs. Wilkinson is also the Founder and Director of Women of Life, a non-profit organization dedicated to mentoring, teaching, and training women to discover their value, purpose and passion, and she serves as an elder that oversees the Evangelism and Outreach ministries at Crossroads Presbyterian Church in Stone Mountain, Georgia.


Side Gigs for the College Girl

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Side Gigs for the College Girl

Episode 14–Side Gigs for the College Girl

This week’s WWRS episode, ‘Side Gigs for the College Girl’, features Adrianna Cauthen, a college student and entrepreneur. She talks about flexible jobs for the college girl (and guys, too) can do to earn money.

As a full-time student, Adrianna knows the challenges of balancing the demands of school and a job to earn extra money. 

Adrianna discusses what things a student needs to consider when choosing a side gig. She shares information on how to monetize a hobby. She also talks about the advantages of a being a part-time entrepreneur. Finally, she gives ideas on how to find a traditional part-time job that fits your schedule.

More about Adrianna Cauthen

Adrianna is the youngest of Andrew and Deanna Cauthen’s four children. She is a 12-year classically trained pianist. As an accomplished pianist, she has performed numerous times and won several music awards. She also owns and operates The Cauthen Piano Studio in Decatur, Georgia and has been teaching private and group piano lessons, for the past three years. 

Adrianna also loves to bake, upcycle clothing to create new fashions, spend time with her dog, Carolina, shop for clothes, and recently started a YouTube channel called “Fashion Hacks’ that shows viewers how to upcycle clothes to make new outfits.

Adrianna attends Clayton State University in Atlanta, Georgia, where she has been accepted into the Honors program, and is pursuing a degree in piano performance. 


Helpful Resources

Fashion Hacks by Adrianna

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13 Ways to Monetize Your Hobby

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