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Be a Super SeniorEpisode 59–Be A Super Senior


Growing old and dealing with all of the changes that come with that can be a difficult process. Dr. Lois Ricci, a gerontology specialist, talks about some of the common challenges that senior women face as they age, and how to overcome them and become a super senior.

Dr. Ricci believes that living your best life is a matter of choice.

She shares how menopause, although sometimes difficult, is a natural passage from one stage of life to another, and she encourages women to use this time to reinvent themselves.

She shares what can a senior who may be experiencing some low-grade depression can do to get motivated.

Dr. Ricci also talks about the role physical activity plays in being a super senior and she gives other practical tips on how women can stay viable as they age.


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African American woman sits cross-legged on a bed and meditates

Ready to Give Meditation a Try?

| If you’ve always been interested in — if a bit daunted by — the idea of meditating, now might be the perfect time to forge ahead with the practice. Research shows that cutting through the mental static and focusing your mind this way helps alleviate stress and anxiety, slows aging, improves your attention span — and can even act as a sleep aid. And who doesn’t need help with all of the above right now? To read the article in its entirety, click the link, above.



Be a Super Senior

More About Dr. Lois Ricci

Dr. Lois Ricci is a longtime resident of Tucker, where she chairs the Tucker Civic Association’s Lifelong Community Committee. She serves as an adjunct faculty member at both Kennesaw State University where she teaches gerontology courses and the Professional Development in Gerontology Certificate Class. 

Her column “Age-Friendly Tucker” featured in the ‘Our Town DeKalb’ magazine discusses the city’s commitment to its age-friendly designation by the World Health Organization and the challenges and issues around that. 






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