Cultivating Sisterhood

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Episode 89–Cultivating Sisterhood


The Working Woman Radio Show invited teacher and professional storyteller, LaDoris Bias-Davis, into the studio to talk about cultivating sisterhood amongst women.

LaDoris shared how her parents encouraged and nurtured her and her siblings, and how that affected her relationships with others as an adult.

We spoke about the power of women supporting other women, instead of being petty and jealous.

We also talked about the love and encouragement that we have given each other, both professionally and personally, over the past 30 years.

Finally, LaDoris shares some practical tips that women can use to support each other on a day-to-day basis.





More About LaDoris Bias-Davis

LaDoris Bias-Davis is a professional storyteller, workshop facilitator, Educator/Consultant. With a BA in Speech & Theater and MS in Early Childhood Education, she has engaged audiences of many ages in the U.S. and internationally, for more than twenty-five years.

Her programs promote literacy, diversity, multi-ethnic cultures appreciation via folktales, historical portraits, personal stories, and more.

Proud to be born into a loving family of 13, she believes storytelling releases the power of the mind and nurtures the human spirit.







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Create More Margin

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Episode 58–Create More Margin


Are you looking for ways to create more margin in your life?

The Working Woman Radio Show invited Angela Paul, a wife and mother, teacher, and business owner back to the studio to talk about how to create margin in your schedule, with your finances, and in your relationships.

Mrs. Paul talks about why it’s important not to fill up every moment.

She shares some practical things that we can do to create manage our daily/weekly schedules.

Angela also explains the role boundaries play in creating margins in our relationships. Finally, she shares how living proactively instead of reactively can help to create more margin in our lives.






More About Angela Paul

Angela is the Chief Operating Officer of Math Plus Educational Services and has tutored and taught math and science for over 30 years. She was educated at MIT and Georgia Institute of Technology (Georgia Tech) where she obtained a master’s degree in chemical engineering. 

She has taught at both the secondary and collegiate levels and as the founder and former director of the Northeast Independent Preparatory Academy, she has been instrumental in helping homeschooled students get into college for almost 20 years. Angela is also a wife and mother of four adult children and the grandmother of four.



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The Importance of Connection – with Lucia Claborn

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The Importance of Connecting with others with Lucia Claborn Join Cindy this week as she welcomes her best friend and long-time mentor, Lucia Claborn to the show. This show is one of those that is so important that you are going to not only want to listen, but listen again and again. In this show, Cindy and Lucia get real with all of us. They share the struggles that many of us don’t want to admit, much less discuss. They also share the importance of connecting with others and staying connected through it all. Just pour a big cup of tea and settle in for a bit, this is YOUR time of encouragement mom-to-mom!

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