Top 10 Podcasts of 2020

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Top 10 of 2020

Episode 54–Top 10 Podcasts of 2020

The Working Woman Radio Show has officially turned one year old, and we are celebrating by bringing you the top 10 podcasts of 2020.

Over the past year, I have had such a blast interviewing guests, and I am so grateful to each of them for taking time out of their busy schedules to share their wisdom about the work they do. 

I am also super grateful to the many listeners who tune in each week, and listen to the program.  Without you, I would not have a show, so thank you, thank you, thank you!

As a way to celebrate the accomplishments of this past year, I thought that I would do a special episode featuring short clips of the top 10 most listened to shows of the past year. 

I picked these 10 specific episodes based on the number of downloads that the network said they received.

I arranged the clips of each episode in descending order, meaning that I will start with number 10 and work my way back to the number one most listened to episode of The Working Woman Radio Show for the past year.

So here we go!


The Military Working Woman

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The Military Working Woman

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The Working Women of Ministry-Pt. 2

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Episode 18-The Working Women of Ministry Pt. 2

On episode 18 of The Working Woman Radio Show, we’re going to continue our conversation about women who work in the ministry with Jillian Palmiotto, Pastor and Director of the Unlimited Special Needs Ministry at Mt. Paran Church of God, and Stacy Georges, the founder and CEO of Special Needs Respite, a childcare service for families with children who have special needs. 


More about Stacy Georges

Stacy Georges  is the founder and CEO of Special Needs Respite, a childcare service for families with children who have special needs. 

Stacy holds a B. A. in Therapeutic Recreation from Purdue University, but she says that her real education began when her two children were diagnosed with a cluster of neurological challenges. 

As the founder of YourRespite special needs child care, Stacy founded Special Needs Respite to help meet the needs of even more parents of children living with special needs. 

Stacy does speaking engagements for  churches and civic groups to further community understanding of how to minister to special needs families. She and her husband, Tom, reside in Roswell, GA.

Special Needs Respite/Special Needs Childcare

Special needs respite care

As parents of a special needs child, you know how difficult it is to find time for yourself. Time to run errands, or to spend time with your spouse for a night or a weekend, or just time for yourself to relax.  As a group, parents of special needs children are more stressed, and even more at risk for divorce, or worse .  Respite is something that parents of special needs children desperately need, and YourRespite can help make it happen. YourRespite provides childcare for your special needs children, in your home, up to age 19.



More about Jillian Palmiotto

Jillian Palmiotto is the Pastor and Director of the Unlimited Special Needs Ministry at Mount Paran Church in Atlanta, Georgia. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Early Childhood Education and a master’s degree in Interrelated Special Education.

Before becoming the ministry director at Mount Paran, Jillian taught in the public school system for 12 years. In 2014, she utilized her education, experience, and guidance from the Holy Spirit, to envision and launch the Unlimited* ministry. Since its inception, the ministry has grown from 20 families to approximately 175. 

In 2016, Jillian founded the Together Conference, an annual event designed to equip ministry leaders and volunteers to launch or improve their special needs ministries. She has consulted with numerous churches across the United States, helping them to welcome people with disabilities.

Mount Paran Unlimited Special Needs Ministry

mount paran church of God special needs ministry

The Unlimited* ministry is open to all children and youth who have a disability, developmental delays, or children who just need some extra TLC. We partner with you as parents to build strong, committed disciples of Jesus who are capable of discipleship and service.





The Working Women of Ministry -Pt.1

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women who work in ministryEpisode 17–The Working Women of Ministry

On episode 17, we discuss the roles of the working women of ministry.

Many of our modern day churches, encourage women to serve in certain positions as Sunday school teachers, nursery workers, children’s church leaders. However, when you read the scriptures about women who work in ministry in the scriptures, we see them serving in a much broader way.

Emily Tellez, a pastor’s wife and ministry leader, discusses the joys and challenges of being a woman who works in church ministry. She shares how she and her husband work to balance family life with their ministry work, and about what a woman can do if she feels that the called to serve in the ministry.


More About Emily Tellez

Emily Tellez grew up in Bogota, Colombia. She and her husband, Carlos, have four children. Carlos and Emily have been married for eighteen years. Carlos is currently the pastor of a house-based church the Tellezes helped plant three years ago in North East Atlanta. 

Emily has served in a variety of ministries over the years, including youth and college ministry, children’s ministry, English as a Second Language for adults, curriculum development and teaching. She is currently the interim children’s ministry coordinator for their church. She has her BA in Counseling and her MA in Ministry Studies. 

Emily is passionate about empowering others to reach their full potential. Although she considers herself an introvert, Emily loves to host people in her home. She would also choose an evening at home with her family over a party, any day. In the margins of her life, Emily trains for half marathons, reads good books, and enjoys deep conversations over coffee with close friends.  


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Grace Church NE Atlanta Campus

Grace Church NE Atlanta Campus

At Grace Church we think the story of Jesus is the single most life-changing thing we can share. We want to ignite a gospel-centered movement to Know It, Live It and Give It Away. It is the gospel of Jesus Christ.



women who work in ministry

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women who work in ministry

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