Build Your Brand

Build Your BrandEpisode 49–Build Your Brand


Finding ways to build your brand and increase and sales is the number one concern for every business owner.

Lori Manns, CEO of Quality Media Consultant Group, shares tips on how to take your marketing strategies from bust to boom. 

Lori talks about the pitfalls of the do-it-yourself approach to marketing. She stresses the importance of hiring a professional marketing team to secure maximum results.

She also gives some marketing options for businesses not ready to hire a firm for a full advertising campaign.

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Sponsorship Sales Secrets Workshop

Lori Manns, the CEO of Quality Media Consultant Group, created this event for passion-driven entrepreneurs who are looking for new revenue streams.

If you’re ready to get to the next level in business, attend this workshop and learn how to get sponsors the right way. This workshop will enable you to begin getting sponsors in the next 90-120 days. Register today! For more information about this event, click here.


Build Your BrandMore About Lori Manns

Lori Manns is the CEO of Quality Media Consultant Group, a firm specializing in media strategies that help increase clientele, brand visibility, and revenue for businesses.  

As a business strategist, Lori helps large and small business owners to grow their enterprises with smart marketing strategies. She is proficient in placing advertising campaigns across all platforms including, TV, radio, internet. 

Additionally, Ms. Manns hosts nationwide events educating entrepreneurs about marketing, sales, and sponsorship procurement. 

Ms. Manns is the president of the Live Healthy & Thrive Youth Foundation, Inc., a non-profit organization dedicated to children’s health. She is a published author and professional speaker and holds a bachelor’s degree in Mass Communications from Auburn University/Montgomery.



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PR and Marketing for the Female Entrepreneur

marketing for female entrepreneursEpisode 12–PR and Marketing for the Female Entrepreneur

More than 11.6 million firms are owned by women, employing nearly 9 million people, and generating $1.7 trillion in sales as of 2017. Women-owned firms (51% or more) account for 39% of all privately held firms and contribute 8% of employment and 4.2% of revenues.  Yet studies have shown that female business owners tend to be tentative about investing in the PR and marketing aspect of their business.

Special guest, Lizbeth Dison, who is the owner of Shiny, Inc., a boutique public relations firm, has over thirty years experience in marketing and communications, with a history of positions at Fortune 500 companies like Disney, Comcast, AT&T, Time-Warner and Cox Communications.

She explains the differences between PR and marketing, and she shares details on how to choose the right PR firm for your business.  Finally, she shares some simple tips for business owners to boost their public relations and marketing.  

More about special guest Lizbeth Dison

Ms. Dison has over thirty years experience in marketing and communications, with a history of positions at Fortune 500 companies like Disney, Comcast, AT&T, Time-Warner and Cox Communications.

Lizbeth decided to strike out on her own and launched Shiny Inc. LLC, a boutique public relations agency serving unique clients with specialized needs. Shiny’s current clients include fantasy authors, sci-fi and fantasy conventions, performing arts venues, non-profit organizations, and a company specializing in staffing and training for the nuclear power industry.

Earlier this year, Shiny Inc. launched ‘Our Town DeKalb’, a hyperlocal publication serving up news and events for the Tucker-Northlake-Smoke Rise community. 


Helpful Resources

10 Questions to Ask Before Hiring a PR Firm

10 Questions to Ask Before Hiring a PR Firm


How to Boost Your Digital Marketing With PR

How to Boost Your Digital Marketing With PR

Successful Blogging and Marketing Meet Jimmie Quick

Successful Blogging and Marketing | Do you want successful blogging and marketing advice? In this episode, we take a look at what it takes to be a success in regard to your online presence with a featured conference speaker, Jimmie Quick, and Felice Gerwitz | #podcast #wahm #blogging #christianpodcastSuccess Blogging & Marketing with Felice Gerwitz and Jimmie Quick Episode 17

Do you want successful blogging and marketing advice? In this episode, we take a look at what it takes to be a success in regard to your online presence with a featured conference speaker, Jimmie Quick, and Felice Gerwitz

Thanks to our sponsor — The Ultimate Christian Communicators Conference 

Jimmie Quick began as a blogger. She was a stay-at-home mom who was homeschooling my daughter. She was living abroad and serving as a missionary in Asia. She had just started blogging and over time it grew and grew and grew. When her daughter was in high school  pretty much an independent learner, I was making a full-time income, working full time from home, doing marketing in the homeschool niche. She is very thankful for being able to work at home and help companies that I really believe in. I believe

Here are Jimmie Quick’s Featured Conference Topics.

Successful Blogging and Marketing Begins with a Blog

Jimmie shares that so many people that begin to share their message with the world start with blogging because it is a low cost platform.

  1. It’s a great way to extend your reach.
  2. It’s for people who love to write and would like to do it daily
  3. Even if you have begin small there is always room for improvement.
  4. Blogging allows you to have an audience.
  5. It can begin with your life experiences.
  6. Remember to connect with your audience.


  1. The language of blogging is also what slows people down.
  2. Understand the anatomy of a perfect blog.
  3. Understand SEO (search engine optimization)
  4. It is important to understand social media. The key ones for bloggers are Pinterest, Facebook and other social media platforms.
  5. Learn how to use email marketing.
  6. Keep an editorial calendar.
  7. Weekly posting is the minimum for a blog.
  8. Outline with purpose. Not just random ideas but a deliberate plan based upon keywords that you want to be found for in a search.


The Power of Email Marketing

Email marketing is important and Jimmie will discuss leveraging the power of email marketing.

  1. Get a vision for building and then nurturing a list and then what to do with those people.
  2. The secret sauce of this talk is going to be auto-responders. Some people call them drip campaigns.
  3. The importance of follow-up
  4. A subscriber is like “milk” not “yogurt.”

It takes a mind shift that a lot of people, especially Christians really struggle with because they don’t want to appear pushy. They don’t want to be salesy, but yet they have a business, they want to sell something, they want to reach the world with their message and they know that the worker is worthy of his wages and they want to get paid for this thing, but they are afraid to ask for money. They’re afraid to put a price on it. And, and the, so it’s really these issues about money and value and being pushy and being salesy. So we’re going to really delve into that and see why. If you have a message that you need to be, you need to push through your fear of being, pushing it, pushy and you need to get it out there. You are not harming people or offending them.

It is a mind shift and I think you know, once you grabbed onto these principles and you really absorb them and then you just start looking at your ministry slash business through these lenses everything becomes clear, the path becomes clear and you understand, ah, this is what I need to do next. And hopefully, that’s what all of the attendees at this convention conference are going to leave with. You know, a clear vision of these are the next steps I need to take.