Get Hired to Write

Get Hired to Write

Episode 45–Get Hired to Write

“Get Hired to Write” is all about helping women tap into other talents that they may not be aware that they possess, and expand their earning potential.

With the COVID-19 health threat, some teachers are thinking about leaving their profession because they’re afraid of going back into a traditional classroom setting. 

Some of them feel that they don’t have many options. Some are choosing to quit their jobs and lose income and benefits. Others have decided to go back to an unsafe environment and risk their lives. 

As a contributing writer for the past 12 years, and as someone who has owned and operated a public relations business, I am here to tell you that there is money to be made in the field of writing, and I want to encourage you to consider it as a career. 

Find out how to get hired as a resume writer, social media specialist, blog content writer, communications assistant, and more.




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Indeed job posting: How to post a job on Indeed | WorkableWriting Jobs on Indeed.Com

Education & Career Q&A Writer (Contract)

We’re looking for passionate Education & Career Q&A Writers to work online. As an Education & Career Q&A Writer, you’ll be choosing from a large pool of questions and making revisions with our collaborative team of reviewers. For more information about this position, and other similar jobs, visit


Get Hired to Write

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8 Companies That Hire For Online Resume Writer Jobs



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Writing Talk

writing talkLet’s Talk About Writing with Felice Gerwitz

Podcast #2

Want a short cut way to getting your book in print? In this episode of Writing and Podcasting Advice, Felice explains her journey and how to avoid the same mistakes. The process may not be simple, yet seeing your work published is rewarding once you know the process.

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Writing and Publishing or Business Tips and Taxes for Writers. Do you have a child who is a budding author? Try Reach For The Stars! All available on Amazon.

Writing and Publishing

Show Notes: Writing Talk

Basic steps to getting published

  1. Know your market – your reader
  2. Research
  3. Do you want a publisher? Research agents and publishing companies. (If not skip down to #7)
  4. Fiction? Write it and then submit it
  5. Non-Fiction – you can write a query letter
  6. Learn to write a query letter
  7. Self Publish (option for those who decide not to seek other publication)

Of course, there are many steps in between. In this episode, we cover some basics and will delve into specific details in upcoming episodes.

Don’t you wish it was easy? In hindsight, the best advice I can give you is to market first. Do you speak to small groups? Do you know something that no one else does? Do you have information that someone needs? These things make the best books.

Knowing your market is very important. If you write something ouside of your frame of reference – while not impossible it will take an inordinate amount of time (jumping online to research is not a guarantee of good information.) Authors that travel to exotic locales – wait until you get the five or six figure book deals

That’s what I love about podcasting – it helps me stay in touch with my audience but also gives me the clarity and focus to be share ideas that are would not make it into a full book – think of podcasts as bite-sized information – next episode #3 will be an overview of podcasting.

So why did I write a book on writing and publishing?I was asked to speak on the topic of writing and publishing at a large conference and decided in my research to recommend some tried and true books – all about 400+ pages as well as some new books – went to the library, hopped online to purchase a few and what I could not find anything new or inspiring to a new author –

I was asked to speak on the topic of writing and publishing at a large conference and decided in my research to recommend some tried and true books – all about 400+ pages as well as some new books – went to the library, hopped online to purchase a few and what I could not find anything new or inspiring to a new author.

  1. It was easy to read and not break the bank
  2. Takes about the same amount of time to read as if we had a one-to-one meeting about writing and publishing
  3. It didn’t overwhelm the reader – one of the books I found at the library talked about distribution woes!
  4. A few but important resources
  5. Give authors info

Iron Sharpening Iron Podcast

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Welcome to the Iron-Sharpening-Iron Podcast!

As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another.  Proverbs 27:17

Cindy Rushton is your host for Iron-Sharpening-Iron Podcast. Iron-Sharpening-Iron is YOUR show where we talk about topics that are sure to encourage, exhort, empower and equip you to step up to your call. Topics include:

  • Leadership
  • Developing leaders and leadership qualities
  • Principles of Success
  • Pursuing your dreams and your life purpose
  • Setting and reaching your goals
  • Developing a Christ-like, healthy mindset and entrepreneurial/ministerial thinking
  • Developing your vision and personal mission
  • Balancing all we are called to do
  • Organizational essentials
  • Becoming your most productive and prolific
  • Staying on the cutting edge

Here at Iron-Sharpening-Iron our purpose is to:

  • Instill leadership principles
  • Share organizational essentials
  • Help you to become your most productive and prolific, while staying on the cutting edge

We are here for you whether you are an entrepreneur, minister, spiritual mother and father, coach, mentor, writer, speaker or business owner. We are here to help you: establish, strengthen, and maintain your ministry and business; build a business or ministry not simply a BOOK or a PRODUCT, and, of course, build a legacy!   Each show will bring you:

  • Inspiration and empowerment
  • Practical how-to’s
  • Easy implementation
  • Continuing training
  • Action guides
  • Bonus Interviews with the giants in business and ministry!

Iron-Sharpening-Iron Podcast will encourage, empower, and equip you:

  • To step up to your calling!
  • To go for your dreams!
  • To live out your life purpose!

Get connected with us today by subscribing to our feed, joining our email update list, and following us on social media so that you don’t miss even one of our shows.

As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another.  Proverbs 27:17

About Cindy Rushton…

 Cindy Rushton is a Christian author, speaker and minister who currently lives in Greater Nashville Area. She is the mother of Matthew (31) and Elisabeth (28) and Mimi to Joshua (7), Achilles (5) and Oliver  (2). Cindy is the author of almost 150 books, Bible studies, Action Guides and homeschool resources. She has produced thousands of audio workshops and online classes/conferences/podcasts. If that is not enough, she also manages her own website found at and her own blog: Cindy’s Desk(Top!) and she hosts and produces the popular online radio show, Iron-Sharpening-Iron Podcast (another featured podcast here at UCPN). Cindy can be found online on social media (see links at her website to connect with her). Cindy also enjoys working as a background actress for shows like ABC’s Nashville and various movies/videos.

Go check her out today and get to know Cindy and all that she has going on. You will find a friend who will come alongside you during your journey. She will be there to encourage, inspire, empower, and share practical ideas that are sure to help you step up to the call.