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The Market Roller Coaster - We have seen some prime examples of an emotional stock market in recent weeks.The Market Roller Coaster – We have seen some prime examples of an emotional stock market in recent weeks. There has been a competition of individual investors versus hedge fund managers, a modern day David versus Goliath. We are witnessing a market reaction to political influence as the new administration is making big moves in the areas of energy, social governance, and healthcare. It all can be overwhelming if a person is attached to the minute to minute news that is flowing through a biased media and various social media outlets. In times like these, many people become alarmed and even immersed in deep worry.

As obedient stewards, we must disconnect from the worldly influences and focus on our position as stewards. We must first determine our beliefs. What is it we wish to support and avoid as we invest? We should consider avoiding investing in companies or mutual funds that own companies that support or profit from the abortion and pornography industries. We should avoid companies involved in human rights violations and companies that utilize unfair labor practices. We should support companies that align with our beliefs, companies that treat their employees and the environment with respect. These are just a small selection of issues we should consider as we begin or change or investment journey.

Once we get a grip on aligning our beliefs with out stewardship, at that time, the risk tolerance determination is critical. How much risk can we as the steward be exposed to based on underlying criteria?

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