The “Why” of Stewardship

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“Why” is good stewardship important? The question is critical in understanding God’s plan for us.I spent the first 12 years of my adult life in a position of law enforcement. One of the elements of my training was how to interview and what questions were important. Those questions were laid out as the 5 W’s.  We asked who, what, where, when and why during the course of an investigation. I think the last question is extremely important as we learn how to be obedient stewards. “Why” is good stewardship important? The question is critical in understanding God’s plan for us. The most simple money issues in our life can cause massive destruction if improperly handled.  “Why” do we need to avoid debt? Debt is the number one cause for divorce today. Ow many times have you worried about paying bills? How many times have you avoided answering the phone because it may be a debt collector? How much stress could be removed from your lives by not having debt? “Why” do we save for our later years? One of the leading demographics in the work force are previously retired people. Most who return are doing so because they cannot live on social security income alone. Many cannot pay their basic living requirements such as food, healthcare, and utilities. If a person had saved a portion of their income, this issue could have possibly been avoided. There are several money issues surrounding us that can improved on or avoided by knowing the “why” of the stewardship instruction. As a pastor, I have been involved in several end of life experiences. What is similar in every situation is that not one of these people are concerned about their material possessions, how much money they have or how much money they made. They are concerned about what comes next. Our stewardship will be reviewed at our death. What will God say about your stewardship? Did you have more concern for the Kingdom or have more concern about worldly comforts? This is another “Why” question. Why is stewardship important? Because it allows is to honor and glorify God with what has been entrusted to us.

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