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writing and publishing adviceWriting and Podcasting Advice with Felice Gerwitz

Want to write a book? What about podcasting? During the weekly episodes of the Writing and Podcasting Advice Show, Felice Gerwitz shares her long term experience in the publishing industry and as an author consultant. Bring your notepad and let’s talk about your most pressing questions. Email me at

Contact Felice: Email me at writingandpodcastingadvice@gmail.com

Upcoming shows:

  1. Introduction About Writing and Podcasting
  2. Let’s Talk About Writing
  3. Let’s Talk About Podcasting 101
  4. Idea Journal
  5. Implementing Ideas


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Writing and Podcasting Advice Episodes

Publishing Kids Books

Publishing Kids Books ~ Episode 22 Have you wanted to publish books? What about publishing kids books? Today my guest, Autumn McKay has successfully published books along with her husband, Seth. These books are geared for little ones and she shares her journey with you! Thanks to our sponsor Ultimate Christian Communicators Conference     Publishing […]

Communication Coach

Inside The Mind of a Communication Coach with Special Guest, Marnie Swedberg Have you wondered what a communication coach does, well with Marnie Swedberg is an expert. Do you wish you had a ministry or were a speaker? Marnie gives you great information that will launch or grow your career. Thanks to our sponsor, Media […]

Learning At Conferences

Learning At Conferences Episode 20 – with Cindy Rushton Are you ready? Cindy Rushton’s back! Learning at conferences is important but so much more important if it is live! Join Felice Gerwitz and Cindy Rushton as she shares what she learned at a recent event and how wonderful the connections were, and what she learned. […]

Humor and Speaking Meet Tina Levene

Humor and Speaking Meet Tina Levene ~ Episode 19 Are you funny? Do you use humor and speaking as a combination that helps your audience engage and become captivated with your teaching or subject? Today a special guest, author, and featured speaker at the Ultimate Christian Communicators Conference, Tina Levene shares her secrets with you! […]

Successful Blogging and Marketing Meet Jimmie Quick

Success Blogging & Marketing with Felice Gerwitz and Jimmie Quick Episode 17 Do you want successful blogging and marketing advice? In this episode, we take a look at what it takes to be a success in regard to your online presence with a featured conference speaker, Jimmie Quick, and Felice Gerwitz Thanks to our sponsor […]

Conference Speaker Meet Meredith Curtis

Conference Speaker – Meet Meredith Curtis Episode 16 Meredith Curtis attended a conference where I was a featured conference speaker. She had dreams of becoming a published author! Fast forward many years later and not only did Meredith realize her dream, but she also is a speaker herself!  In this episode learn what it takes […]

Attending Conferences

Five Tips For Getting The Most Our of Attending Conferences – Episode 13 With so much information online should you attend an “in-person” conferences? In this episode, Felice Gerwitz shares how a recent and past conferences have taught her so much she can implement today. Thanks to our sponsor, Media Angels host of the Ultimate […]

Interview Tips

Interview Tips To Improve Reach ~ Episode 12 Do you want to be one of those guests that get invited back? Here are some interview tips to help you improve the chances of not only getting invited back but improving your reach with the podcast guests. Thanks to our sponsor Media Angels – host of […]

Getting An Interview

Getting An Interview ~ Episode 11 Want an interview? Well, if you are an author, have a service or sell a product this is a great way to let people from all over the world know about what you have to offer. Thanks to our sponsor! Ultimate Christian Communicators Conference. Learn more here. How Do […]


Blogging – Episode 10 Blogging is one of those online platforms that takes very little work these days to set up and begin. It is used as a platform for authors, podcasters, and people who believe they have a message that they want to share. In this episode, we will examine blogging and how this […]


Connections In Writing, Podcasting & Publishing – Episode 9 It’s all about connections, who do you know, how can you get an interview on a podcast, how can you promote your book? Connections mean everything in the industry saturated with mediocre and many time false information about the writing and publishing industry. Thanks to the: […]

Author Erin Odom

Newly Published Author Erin Odom with Felice Gerwitz Podcast #8 Erin Odom, author!  Hear how newly published author, Erin Odom received her first book contract. Here she discusses getting “found” by an agent who signed her to a contract at Zondervan, publishers. In this episode, Erin shares her success first in blogging, then in obtaining […]

Podcasting Tools

Podcasting Tools Episode #6 You may think that podcasting tools only means the microphones, the soundboards or what is the best computer program to use in creating a quality product. Well, while those things are important it is the “tools” you use beforehand that makes a significant difference. In this episode of Writing and Podcasting Advice, […]

Podcasting Ideas

Podcasting Ideas – It’s More Than Just Talking Episode #5 I’ve talked to dozens of people who have considered hosting a podcast but few last beyond a couple of episodes. In this podcast, I discuss different ideas and how to create a lasting impression on your listeners as well as grow your base. Listen as […]

Podcasting Basics

Podcast Basics with Felice Gerwitz Episode #4 So, you think you want to podcast? Where do you begin? In this episode, longtime podcaster, Felice Gerwitz shares the information she’s learned through the years. Her first podcast, the Information in a Nutshell(TM): Writing and Publishing Show began in 2008. Learning the ropes through trial-and-error, using a phone […]

Should You Podcast

Should You Podcast?- Advice in a Nutshell with Felice Gerwitz Episode #3 As an author and publisher, I realized very quickly that without a platform I could not sell books. In this episode, I share podcast advice for those seeking a way to use this amazing online platform. Here is a short quiz you can […]

Writing Talk

Let’s Talk About Writing with Felice Gerwitz Podcast #2 Want a short cut way to getting your book in print? In this episode of Writing and Podcasting Advice, Felice explains her journey and how to avoid the same mistakes. The process may not be simple, yet seeing your work published is rewarding once you know […]

Writing and Podcasting

The Writing and Podcast Advice Show with Felice Gerwitz Are you ready to launch that new book idea or your very own podcast? Look no further. On the Writing and Podcasting Advice Show you will learn the basics on how to get started with your very own project. Felice Gerwitz is your personal advisor and […]