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Mom-to-Mom Radio Show with Cindy Rushton

Welcome to Mom-to-Mom Radio Show! Your time of encouragement mom-to-mom! Join Cindy Rushton, your show hostess, as she joins you weekly for YOUR show—mom-to-mom.

Mom-to-Mom Radio Show covers it all for godly women! Imagine! You can retreat with us as often as you would like (and forever!) as we take you from home to homeschool to home business to homemaking… ALL IN OUR AWESOME ONLINE RADIO SHOW!!

Cindy Rushton unashamedly confesses that nothing invigorates her quite like getting out there WITH you. BUT…this is the next best thing! These podcasts are recorded mom-to-mom, on teleseminars and online workshop, and during our workshops on the road. You are going to LOVE these whether you join us right there at YOUR computer or you take us along on your Mp3 player! Ready?

We are so excited to be able to bring to you regular recordings that should meet you wherever you are in your journey. Just take a look at the potpourri of topics you can expect to see Cindy cover here:

  • Restoring balance to overloaded lives
  • Building a godly legacy
  • Stepping up the call
  • Defeat busyness
  • Dare to dream
  • Getting the “good” things done
  • Setting and reaching your goals, to-do’s, dreams, and life purpose
  • Living victoriously when tough times come
  • Building a godly home and godly family
  • Becoming a godly womanhood
  • Holidays
  • Homeschooling
  • Getting fit and healthy—spirit, soul, and body!
  • Let’s Make a Memory
  • Living out your life purpose
  • Make sweet memories
  • Building a happier and happier ever after marriage
  • Mentoring and ministry
  • Mothering
  • Organization for the Messy Mom
  • Positioned for Your Purpose
  • Pressing toward the mark
  • Secrets to ultimate productivity
  • Pursuing Proverbs 31
  • Developing your quiet time
  • Establishing disciplines, routines and schedules
  • Taking Care of Mom to-do’s
  • Getting unstuck
  • Victorious living
  • Developing and pursuing God’s vision

Connect with us today! Listen online. Follow our RSS feed. Sign up for our updates. Follow Cindy at her website. This show is YOUR show. Don’t miss even one episode! For now, pour a BIG cup of tea and dig in! It is YOUR time mom-to-mom! Enjoy!

About Cindy Rushton…

Cindy2015Cindy Rushton is a Christian author, speaker and minister who currently lives in Greater Nashville Area. She is the mother of Matthew (31) and Elisabeth (28) and Mimi to Joshua (7), Achilles (5) and Oliver  (2). Cindy is the author of almost 150 books, Bible studies, Action Guides and homeschool resources. She has produced thousands of audio workshops and online classes/conferences/podcasts. If that is not enough, she also manages her own website found at and her own blog: Cindy’s Desk(Top!) and she hosts and produces the popular online radio show, Iron-Sharpening-Iron Podcast (another featured podcast here at UCPN). Cindy can be found online on social media (see links at her website to connect with her). Cindy also enjoys working as a background actress for shows like ABC’s Nashville and various movies/videos.

Go check her out today and get to know Cindy and all that she has going on. You will find a friend who will come alongside you during your journey. She will be there to encourage, inspire, empower, and share practical ideas that are sure to help you step up to the call.

Secrets to Victorious Living Episodes:

There is More-Part 3: God’s Infinitely More

When the world says you can’t do it, God says “You Can!” with a resounding “Yes!”  Lucia encourages you to keep going toward “the more” of God’s purpose for your life! He wants you to pursue Him with all you heart because He has so much more for you!!  He has uncontainable blessings in store […]

Part 2: There is More

It doesn’t matter how good you think things are in your life or your spiritual walk with Father God, there is more!  God has more for you, and He wants you to ask Him for it!  Join Lucia as she shares from Ephesians 3:20 in the New Living Translation. “ Now all glory to God, who […]

God Has More for You

  God has more for you! It doesn’t matter what level you’re at in your walk with Jesus, there’s more available to you!!  You may be asking yourself, what do you mean more?  More of what?  There’s more of whatever you want!  More revelation knowledge from the Word of God.  More fruit from spending time […]

Fight the Good Fight of Faith – Faith Series, Part 16

Join Lucia as she finishes her series on faith and shares that we have to fight the good fight of faith to live a victorious life!  It’s important that we learn how to use our faith and apply the principles of faith so nothing will be impossible to us. Jesus tells us in Mark 11:12, […]

Faith Part 15: You Can Change Your Level of Faith

Join Lucia as she shares that you can change your level of faith and go from faith to faith and from Glory to Glory!   Mark 11:24 says, “Therefore I say to you, all things for which you pray and ask, believe that you have received them, and they will be granted you.”  There are two things that […]

Prayer of Faith – Part 14

Join Lucia as she talks about how to put your faith into operation through the prayer of faith.  There are different kinds of prayers we can pray: the prayer of praise and worship; the prayer of agreement where two or more people agree together; the prayer of binding and loosing; the prayer of intercession; and […]

Faith Part 13: God is Known by Faith

Join Lucia as she shares it takes faith to believe in a God we can’t see, and trust in His Word to know that He has already blessed us. This is where we learn to walk by faith, and what we believe is what we receive. There are two worlds – the natural realm and […]

Faith Takes Time to Grow

Join Lucia as she explains your faith takes time to grow, and it will always produce results.  Like anything worthwhile that you work for, you have to work at growing your faith.  It’s similar to a muscle that needs exercise to make it grow. At first you may not see results, but the longer you […]

Faith Ignores the Negative

Join Lucia as she continues her series on faith and shares that we ignore the negative things in our life so we can walk in victory! To walk by faith and enjoy a victorious life, focus on the things that are unseen – the promises of God – and not the things seen in the […]

Faith is a Way Of Life

Faith is not something you try, it’s something you do.  It’s a way of life. It unlocks and opens doors for you and causes you to walk in victory every day of your life!! Every time you hear the Word of God, it will increase your faith to believe the impossible is possible.  If you […]

Faith is the Evidence of the Unseen

Lucia continues her study of faith and shares faith is the evidence of the unseen. God’s Word tells us what’s in the spirit world, and it’s actually more real than the physical world we can connect to with our five senses. Faith is the evidence or the proof of things that are not perceived by […]

How Faith Works – Part 8 in Faith Series

Join Lucia as she continues her study of faith and shares how faith works. The scripture for this session is Hebrews 11:1, which explains the characteristics of faith.  The Good News Translation says, “To have faith is to be sure of the things we hope for, to be certain of the things we cannot see.” […]

Your Measure of Faith

Lucia continues her study of faith this week, and shares that everyone has been given “a” measure of faith or “the” measure of faith, and what we do with that measure is the key to growing strong faith. Have you ever prayed and ask God for more faith?  You don’t have to ask for more […]

Faith to Please God

Lucia continues her study of faith in this week’s podcast by sharing you must have faith to please God. She references Hebrews 11:6 in The Passion Translation which says, “And without faith living within us it would be impossible to please God. For we come to God in faith knowing that he is real and that […]

Meditate the Word of God

Lucia is continuing her study of faith this week, and is joined by a special guest, and dear friend in the ministry, Mrs. Donna Dudley. Donna shares a subject that is dear to heart, which is meditation. They will discuss meditation from a positive view, what meditating the Word of God means, and the benefits […]

How to Activate Your Faith

How to Activate Your Faith Lucia continues her study of faith this week, focusing on how to activate your faith.  She explains that it’s possible for your faith to increase or grow bigger, and even if you have small faith, you would “say”, which is an action that activates your faith. You have to act […]

Faith is an Action

Lucia continues her study of faith focusing on faith being an action. Faith is the foundation for living a victorious life.  It’s the first priority for our life, and everything in life is affected by our faith. Lucia references several Bible verses showing people used their faith by doing an action.  She shares the faith […]

Enemies of Faith

Lucia continues her series on faith, with addressing the enemies of faith.  Just as there are two kinds of faith, there are two kinds of unbelief.  First, there’s the kind of unbelief that’s based on a lack of knowledge of God’s Word.  And second, there’s unbelief because people can’t be persuaded to act on God’s […]

Two Kinds of Faith

Lucia begins a new series on faith, and approaches it from a different perspective.  She will encourage you to wake up your God-given dreams because God didn’t give you those dreams to die unfulfilled.  He gave them to you for a purpose…not only to bring you joy, but to touch other people’s lives in the […]

Holy Spirit Baptism

Join Lucia as she finishes her series on Holy Spirit, building on the foundation from the last three weeks, and sharing more on the power of Holy Spirit, which is the Baptism of Holy Spirit, and the power you receive.  She gives answers from the Word of God to clarify the evidence of being filled […]

Holy Spirit Gifts

Lucia continues her series on Holy Spirit with a focus on the gifts and talents He gives us and what He expects us to do with those gifts.  First Corinthians 12:1 says, “Now concerning spiritual gifts, brethren, I would not have you ignorant.”  The New Living Translation says, “Now, dear brothers and sisters,[a] regarding your question […]

Characteristics of the Holy Spirit

Lucia continues her series on Holy Spirit and shares that Holy Spirit is a person and describes His characteristics. Holy Spirit is the third person in the Trinity – which is Father God, Jesus his Son, and Holy Spirit. Holy Spirit is fully God. He is omniscient, which means He knows everything, and He’s omnipresent […]

Holy Spirit Power – Part 1

Join Lucia as she begins a new series on Holy Spirit. In this podcast, Lucia shares what happens in the spirit realm when a person asks Jesus to be their Lord and Savior, and the power that’s made available to them by and through Holy Spirit. John 16:7 tells us “But I tell you the […]

Prayer: Singlemindedness in Prayer – Part 4

Join Lucia as she welcomes a very special guest, her pastor, Mrs. Sonya Collins. In this podcast, Mrs. Sonya shares a key prayer secret from her 20-plus years of ministry experience with the main focus being singlemindedness in regard to your prayer life. As you read the Word of God and spend time in His […]

Prayer: Just Ask – Part 3

In this podcast, Lucia shares that God has been dealing with her about some of the prayers she has been praying, and compares what she calls “safe prayers” to what she calls “courageous prayers.” Are your prayers focusing on, “Lord, bless me.” “Lord, help me.” “Lord, protect me as I travel.” These are good prayers […]

Prayer: Trusting in the Integrity of God’s Word – Part 2

Join Lucia for Part 2 of her Prayer Series as she encourages you and stirs you up to remember God’s promises and trust in the Integrity of God’s Word. She explains how to locate your prayer foundation and then build on that foundation using your faith. She will challenge you to ask God for miracles […]

Prayer: Hungry and Thirsty for God – Part 1

Join Lucia as she begins a new series on prayer, and asks “How hungry and thirsty are you for God, and to see His power in your life?” She references Psalm 42:1-2 in the Amplified Bible which says, “As a deer pants [longingly] for the water brooks, so my soul pants [longingly] for You, O […]

Perfecting Your Love Walk, Part 3 – Overcoming Offenses

In today’s podcast Lucia finishes her series on Perfecting Your Love Walk and discusses how to overcome offenses. Even though you’re walking in love, you’ll have countless opportunities to get offended every day.  People who become offended are usually trapped as they go about their normal, daily routines, and suddenly find themselves pulled into an […]

Perfecting our Love Walk – Part 2

Join Lucia this week as she shares to live a victorious life, a great place to start on that journey is to recognize the characteristics of love and evaluate the way we love other people. Galatians 5:6 tells us, “For when we place our faith in Christ Jesus, there is no benefit in being circumcised […]

Perfecting our Love Walk

Lucia will help you celebrate Valentine’s Day and the Month of Love as she begins a new series on perfecting your love walk. She shares the one tip that will make your life better if you’ll implement it in every area of your life.  The enemy is always trying to get your heart full of […]

Habits: Listening to God (Part 5)

Join Lucia as she finishes her series on Habits. This week Lucia shares how perfecting the habit of listening to God for His instructions, and then exercising your faith to follow through with them will help you live the victorious life you were created to live. When life seems out of order, many times it’s […]

Habits – Part 4: Today Matters

In Part 4 of Habits – Today Matters, Lucia shares that what you do today really does make a difference, and it affects the rest of your life! Lucia shares a few highlights from John Maxwell’s book Today Matters because it helped her refocus her thinking so she can live every day with purpose. She […]

Habits – Part 3: Overcoming Procrastination

Join Lucia as she shares how taking charge of your life and overcoming procrastination will help you live your best life on purpose. Today’s the day to open the door to the cage of self-imposed limitations so you can step into a bright future that includes freedom, success and victory! Jeremiah 33:3 tells us, “To […]

Habits – Part 2

Join Lucia for Habits, Part 2 as she encourages you to meet this year’s expectations by making changes to your daily habits. She uses Steven R. Covey’s quote, “Sow a thought, reap an action; sow an action, reap a habit; sow a habit, reap a character; sow a character, reap a destiny.”, as the foundation […]

Habits – Part 1

As you start the New Year, what better time to look at your goals and habits for the coming year!  Join Lucia as she encourages you to identify habits that will help you be the most effective in your life this year, so you go from ordinary to extra-ordinary! Changing a habit is a planned […]

God’s Draw to Movement – Part 3: Vision and Mission

As you listen to Part 3 of the series “God’s Drawn to Movement,” Lucia will have you asking yourself, “What’s my life-purpose? What’s my vision? and, What’s my mission assignment from God?” Lucia explains the importance of creating a personal, family and/or business vision and mission statement, and she encourages you to take time to […]

God’s Drawn to Movement – Part 2

Lucia continues her series, “God’s Drawn to Movement.” Join her for Part 2 as she explains that it’s your decision to keep moving with God that allows you to receive all of His blessings that He has prepared for you. God is for you; He’s not against you, and He’s always ready to bless you […]

God’s Drawn to Movement – Part 1

Join Lucia as she gives you permission to get out of your box of limitations!  She begins a new series entitled, “God’s Drawn to Movement.”  She will encourage you live out Philippians 3:13-14, “This one thing I do, forgetting those things which are behind, and reaching forth unto those things which are before, I press […]

Benefits of a Thankful Heart – Pt 5

Join Lucia as she concludes her series on the “Benefits of a Thankful Heart.”  She will encourage you to not give up on your dreams, and to trust God to bring them to pass for you.  He is so faithful and He’s no respecter of persons. If He did it for us, He will do […]

Benefits of a Thankful Heart – Part 3

As you celebrate Thanksgiving this week, join Lucia as she continues her series on the “Benefits of a Thankful Heart.”  She shares who and what she is thankful for in her life, and reminds us the Bible says Jesus is the same yesterday, today, and tomorrow.  She connects our listeners to the fact that Jesus […]

Benefits of a Thankful Heart Part 2

Today’s a great day to have a great day!  It all comes down to our attitude!  Join Lucia for Part 2 of the Benefits of a Thankful Heart. The Word tells us in 1 Thessalonians 5:18, “In everything give thanks; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you.”  God is still […]

Benefits of a Thankful Heart – Part 1

Pastor Khor and Chin Nee, Senior Pastors at Hope of Glory Christian Church in Malaysia join Lucia as she begins her new series on “Benefits of a Thankful Heart.”  The Bible tells us that Jesus is the same yesterday, today, and tomorrow, and Ephesians 4:5 says there is one Lord, one faith, and one baptism. […]

Authority Part 5: Ladies Panel

Join Lucia as she welcomes a panel of special guests – her dear friends, Mrs. Donna Dudley, Mrs. Penny Parker, and Mrs. Donna Walker – as they discuss the authority and power God has given His children to walk in victory every moment of every day. They share their real-life struggles and discuss the life-giving […]

Authority – Part 4

Join Lucia as she continues teaching about the authority and power we have as God’s children. She explains God gave you His Name as in a covenant marriage relationship – that’s why you’re called the Bride of Christ.  You gave your old name away when you got saved and took on the name of Jesus.  […]

Authority – Part 3

Lucia continues her series on the power and authority you have as a born-again child of God. The Holy Spirit prayed through Paul that you would have wisdom, understanding, and authority over demonic powers and the problems they cause in your life. John 14:12 reads, “I assure you, most solemnly I tell you, if anyone steadfastly believes in Me, he […]

Authority – Part 2

Join Lucia as she explains the power and authority you have as a born-again child of God. She will give you examples of how to use your God-given power and authority to enforce Satan’s defeat in every situation in your life.  You have authority over circumstances and situations in your life, so when you speak God’s words, you can know heaven will back you up […]

Authority – Part 1

Do you realize as a born-again believer that God has given you power and authority to enforce Satan’s defeat in your life? Do you know what your God-given authority is? Why you have authority?  Why you need authority? Do you know how to use your authority? Join Lucia as she answers these questions and explains […]

Who I Am in Christ – The Righteousness of God or a Sinner saved by Grace – Part 4

Lucia presents the final message in this series, “Who I Am in Christ – The Righteousness of God or a Sinner saved by Grace” as she explains that you are a joint-heir with Jesus, and the triumph that belongs to you because you are righteous. You may be unfaithful at times; however, God is true […]

Who I Am in Christ – The Righteousness of God or a Sinner saved by Grace – Part 3

Lucia continues the series, “Who I Am in Christ – The Righteousness of God or a Sinner saved by Grace” as she explains how to develop a righteousness consciousness. She explains that the greatest blessing of salvation is when you become a new creature in Christ. One that has never existed before.  It’s a though […]

Who I Am in Christ – The Righteousness of God or a Sinner saved by Grace – Part 2

Join Lucia Claborn as she continues, “Who I Am in Christ – The Righteousness of God or a Sinner saved by Grace” as she explains owning the Kingdom of God and overcoming Satan’s tactics in part 2 of this series. As a child of God, your Righteousness is your position in Christ. It is not […]

Who I Am in Christ – The Righteousness of God or a Sinner saved by Grace – Part 1

Join Lucia in this series, “Who I Am in Christ – The Righteousness of God or a Sinner saved by Grace” as she explains the position you take when you ask Jesus to be your Lord and Savior and are re-birthed into the Kingdom of God. She will explain that once you are born again, […]

Mom to Mom Radio Episodes

The Importance of Connection – with Lucia Claborn

Join Cindy this week as she welcomes her best friend and long-time mentor, Lucia Claborn to the show. This show is one of those that is so important that you are going to not only want to listen, but listen again and again. In this show, Cindy and Lucia get real with all of us. […]

Whatcha Gonna Do??? With Cindy Rushton

September 1st…We are now entering the last 4 months of the year. Are you where you want to be? How is your whole year looking? Are you seeing what you want in your life at this time? Are you needing to prune, organize, and get on track to make it happen in the next few […]

Secrets to Ultimate Productivity with Cindy Rushton

What are the secrets to ultimate productivity? Listen in and you’ll learn… The Ultimate Productivity Secrets with Cindy Rushton  Are you ready for my top productivity secrets? This one is going to meet you where you are and help you get where you want to go! If you know Cindy Rushton, you know that she […]

What Do You See

What Do You See? With Cindy Rushton One big question today…Ready? What are you seeing now? What is your vision? What are you supposed to be all about? Is there something that God is calling you to start…or start again? Well, what do you see? What you see will affect everything! If you were going […]

Welcome to Mom-to-Mom Radio Show!

Welcome to Mom-to-Mom Radio Show! Your time of encouragement mom-to-mom! A very warm welcome to Mom-to-Mom Radio Show! Join Cindy Rushton as she introduces you to the vision for Mom-to-Mom Radio Show and unveils what you can expect from each and every show. If you are not familiar with Cindy Rushton or Mom-to-Mom Radio Show, […]